Purchasing property in Malta

How can foreigners buy property in Malta?

The Maltese islands are small and densely populated. And this is why the Government has enacted certain restrictions on foreigners seeking to buy property in Malta.

So, whether you are an EU or non-EU citizen, below you will find what you need to know if you want to purchase property in Malta.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed with the application process for the required permits – your notary will handle this for you so that you can purchase your home in Malta.


Who have resided continuously in Malta for over 5 years

If you have resided in Malta continuously for a minimum period of five years at any time before purchasing a property, you may freely acquire more than one property without the necessity of obtaining a permit.

Who have NOT resided continuously in Malta for over 5 years


If you are a citizen of any European Union member state (including Malta) who has not resided continuously in Malta for a minimum period of five years, you have no restrictions to purchase your first property in Malta. You can purchase it just like Maltese and EU citizens who have resided in Malta for over 5 years.

Likewise, you are not required to apply for any permit to purchase an immovable property for your business activities or supply services.


However, if you want to purchase a property for secondary residence purposes, such as a holiday home, you will require an AIP permit under Chapter 246 of the Laws of Malta.

This is usually granted if the conditions below are adhered to:


Conditions to apply for an AIP permit under Chapter 246

The value of the property purchased must be above €136,972 in the case of an apartment or a maisonette, and €236,582 for any other type of property (according to the tax scheme of 2020). These values are index linked and may be subject to revision.

The property has to be used solely as a residence by the applicant and his/her family. This condition will be waived once the applicant obtains the relative permit to rent the property.

The immovable property purchased may not be sold or otherwise converted into more than one dwelling house.


If you are not a citizen of an EU member state, you need to apply for an AIP permit under chapter 246 of the Laws of Malta. The relative permit will be issued usually within 3 months, under the same terms and conditions mentioned above.

However, non-EU citizens may only own one property in Malta and Gozo, except in special designated areas (SDA), where you may purchase more than one property. Current designated areas are:

  • Portomaso (St. Julians)
  • Tigne Point (Sliema)
  • Madliena Village (Swieqi)
  • Tas-Sellum residence (Mellieha)
  • Vittoriosa waterfront project
  • Mercury Tower (St. Julians)
  • The Shoreline (Kalkara)

Once you have purchased a property in Malta and wish to acquire another one after having sold the first one, you may do so after obtaining permission from the Ministry of Finance.

Applications for permission to acquire another property are normally favourably considered. Permission will be granted subject to the first property being sold.

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